15.04.21 Busy, Busy, Busy

Good morning my beloved blog spot crew.

As I am at the very start of this part of my journey, in art and or life *,(* delete as appropriate), I dont want to bombard you with salesy blog posts or smart slick newsletter items, this is my little space on the world wide web for my own musings and honesty, so lets keep it real here at Sterling Lee Towers

So todays blog is a little incite into all the other stuff, other than the actual artwork.

Things like:

How often do I post on Instagram?

Should I do Reels or Facebook Live, or even YouTube Live?

Should I use my phone or rig my camera up?

What about content?

What's the best time of day to send the video out if I don't do it live?

And that's just the marketing aspect. Then there's the packing and shipping and creative aspect, what to paint, should I do a series or a stand along piece, what size, what colour pallet, what subject, what shall I call it, what should I paint it on.

Basically, what I am trying to say, without putting you to sleep, is that there's an awful lot to do as an artist, and it's not all about the artwork.

So, give a little thought to all of this the next time you look at a piece of modern contemporary art, not just mine, any piece that takes your fancy, and just remember that there's an awful lot of work gone into getting that single piece of work in front of you.

Anyway, it's time I stopped going on and got down to some painting, so I will, and I'll catch you later.




15.04.21 Busy, Busy, Busy