10.04.21, Roll Call. 10th April 2021

I'm just in the final parts of finishing off my website, although I get the feeling that this will be an eternal work in progress, and I have come to think of all of the help I have received from friends, old and new, to get me to where I am at this time.

The past 8 or so months have been a roller coaster of emotions, but some people have helped me more than they will ever know over that time, to get where I am today, whether they realise it or not.

Thank you immeasurably to my small family, AJ, Zoe, Giedre, Dad & Doniece, Almantas & Danute for all the support and understanding 

Thank you to my friends, both old and new:

Ian & Alice, first class lenders of ears, drinking buddies and closet F1 fans.

Leigh Shenton & Paula Mould, for giving me the push and getting me out of my way.

Michelle & Christian Ewen for getting me in the press and out of my comfort zone

All my new artist friends off the L&P page for their support and congrats.

Thanks one and all, I'll be up the bar getting a round in for you all when we can get back in the boozer.





10.04.21, Roll Call. 10th April 2021