Facebook Lives

8th May 2021, the year is flitting past before our very eyes, and yet here we are. So what have I been up to recently, well, I have now got a handle on the Facebook Live performances, and I feel that they are getting easier to do, to some extent at least. 

They do take a little preparation, which I always do on a Wednesday ready for the Thursday event. So far I have concentrated on showing my process and how I go about what I do, which has been fun to do, if a little nerve wracking, at least at first.

I am currently working on a piece I am provisionally calling The Column, the piece with the ballerina sitting atop a roman type stone column, I think I will call it something a little sexier before it's finished, but we will go with that for now.

So I have demonstrated the painting of the abstract background and the flesh tones, and the mixing of the flesh tone colour, which all went well.

I also think its great to see a piece develop, from the basic image, or plain prepped canvas, through to the finished or close to finished piece. This piece has a bit of a way to go as yet, and I need to get on with it, but the last thing I will do is add gold leaf to it, that will be the first time that I have ever added that to a piece, so that will be as equally nerve wracking as it will be exciting.

Getting the setup right is also a task that needs a little thought. I have recently purchased a ring light which holds my phone steady whilst I am doing the Live feed, which is excellent, and I can move the phone around when I want to show the viewers what's going on elsewhere.

So these are all coming together, slowly, which is good, onward and upward


Facebook Lives