Gold Leaf Artwork

So, I have started making Gold Leaf Artwork, what a trip. This is a new dimension to my artwork, and one that came to me out of nowhere.

So we were in a furniture shop, and about to sort out a new suite, and behind the sales guy was a generic abstract print with gold leaf on it, and this got me thinking. I wonder how easy that is to use, where do I get it from, what colours can you get, etc, etc. So loads of YouTube reasearch later, I gave it a go. I bought some gold, silver and copper leaf from Amazon, and also some adhesive and also some varnish.

Research had told me that older paintings with gold leaf on them had a red underpainting for the leaf, so for my first two pieces, Black Swan and Jade Rising, one had an underpainting and one did not, all part of the education and experimentation process.

I had seen a process where the adhesive for the leaf was applied with a sponge. This gives a very broken effect to the leaf application, which was what I wanted to achieve with Blsck Swan. So, as this piece was going to have random leaf applied, I couldn't use the red underpainting method, but the random glue application worked wonderfully.

It was very nerve wracking at the start, but I managed to get it all done, which was extremely rewarding, and I love the finished effect.

For Jade Rising, I wanted to creat an aura effect around Jade's head, a kind of saintly or regal effect. So for this I painted a red circle around Jade's head to overlay the leaf onto. For this I used a broken almost scrunched up leaf, which came in a clear plastic pouch, and was wonderful to apply. Rather than a very linear application, this kind of leaf game me a varied effect, which was great.

So there we have it, my progression into Leaf Painting. I love using leaf so much, that I have purchased a bunch of different colours, which I will use soon in upcoming pieces, I cant wait.

So, keep dropping by for more hand made, hand drawn, and hand painted beautiful ballerina art.



Gold Leaf Artwork