My new Art Coach

I was listening to one of my favourite art podcasts recently, its called Art Juice, and is created by two female abstract artists, Louise Fletcher and Alice Sheridan, and it's excellent.

Louise was discussing art coaches recently, well on the one I was listening to, which was probably about a year old as I am still catching up, and she mentioned a Canadian Art coach by the name of Kevin Ghiglione, and praised his efforts in coaching her.

This set a spark off inside me, so I thought that I would get in touch with Kevin and see what he had to offer.

Well, did Kevin have plenty to offer, indeed he did, he asked me a bunch of questions in the week before our zoom call, and images of my artwork, my favourite artists and artworks, all of which I dutifully sent through.

These were all reviewed and discussed during our free first call, a free first 2.5 hours almost, what stunning value, a whole session on critiquing my art and using my references to show me how to improve my work in so many ways, it was amazing.

I now have a bunch of guidelines to work with, its all my own choosing as to how much or how little I apply his advice, but as he is an accomplished abstract artist of some standing, I would be foolish not to listen and apply what he has advised.

This may change my style slightly, but in the spirit of openness as an artist, I want to mention it here and be totally transparent with you.

The session has made me think of my art in so many different ways, such as why do I paint what I paint, basically the female form, but that's a blog post in itself, which I will post later on.

What subject matter I have created in the past, what I would like to create in the future, the advantages of being a mechanical engineer and an artist, etc. All things about my artistic persona that I have previously never thought about too deeply, just accepted and got on and along with stuff.

It's good to think outside of you little box and or comfort zone in this way, gets the grey cells working in a different manner, well the ones I haven't pickled anyway.

So, lots to think about and get stuck into.


Stay safe, healthy and happy.



My new Art Coach