New Studio

So I have finally got my new art studio on the go, I cant believe it, finally it's going to be built this month, September 2021.

As I write this whilst on holiday in Braunton Devon, the concrete base will be dug out and laid within the week, followed by the construction of the studio, it's not a shed, don't ever call it a shed.

It will be fully insulated, so as I can work in it all year round, and have 3 times the space of my art room, that I have used for the last 7 years.

So this is a brand new chapter to my artistic journey and a new chapter to Sterling Lee Fine Art.

There isn't a great deal of room where we live, we don't have a traditional back garden or yard, just two courtyards, one each side of our little old house, one we call the front and one we call the....yes you guessed it, the back.

So the studio will be built on the back side (that sounds wrong) but you get the drift, and this will give me more working space, so as I don't trip over stuff all the time, and have more space to create and make videos of my work, and just generally not be so cramped, cant flippin wait.

More updates to come, with pictures and stuff, very excited.



New Studio