Crystal Contemplation

by Sterling Lee Fine Art


Sitting in quiet contemplation the ballerina ponders her moves and sequences. ciseaux, chasse, brise and balance, and one and two and three and four, and on and on, the choreography of the dance relentlessly demanding her utmost commitment.

This stunningly beautiful piece is created with graphite, white charcoal and primarily 24 karat gold leaf, in both the background and the front relief depicting the ballet shoes.

Following a recent local art fair, where I was selling smaller gold leaf ballerina pieces, I was talking to a prospective buyer who said that she loved the pieces, but wished that they were a little larger, so, feeling inspired when I returned to my studio, this is the result, a much larger piece.

Plus I decided to add the gold profile cut ballerina shoes in the bottom of the mount for that additional piece of originality.

As you can see in the images, the 24K gold leaf really catches any available light, and looks different in different lighting conditions.

The piece already has hangers on the back, so you just need to decide where you would like to hang this stunning artwork, to grace your home.

Each piece is shipped with a signed certificate of authenticity, and valuation certificate.

If import duties are charged, these would be the responsibility of the buyer, as unfortunately I have no control over this aspect


All pieces are packaged is purpose built cardboard freight boxes

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