Moonlight Becomes You

by Sterling Lee Fine Art


"When you walk on the beach at night, you can say things you can't say in real life." ~ Jenny Han.

How very true. Do you have times when you speak truly to yourself.

This piece speaks to me at an emotional level, it is telling me that the woman has lost something, or someone, temporarily or permanently, will she ever know?

She is looking along the beach, and not out to sea, or at the moon, as though she is searching for someone in the darkness.

The moon is signifying a change of state, a change to her life, in that the day has left her and her life is about to change, imperceptibly maybe initially, but change it will, in ways that as yet she cannot comprehend.

This thought provoking, beautiful piece of mixed media art has been created with acrylic and oil paints, plus gold, silver and copper leaf. The piece is painted on board, and has a supporting back frame which gives it depth to its sides, similar to a box canvas.

This piece was a trial from start to finish, with a long drawn out process, and the first time that I have created any piece in this way.

I decided before the first brush stroke touched the board, that I would add depth to this piece in the form of a tangible underpainting for the gold leaf on the dress.

But firstly, I had to create a smooth surface for the moon. So, six coats of primer were applied, so that I could sand it smooth. This way the gold leaf on the moon would appear smooth, giving a crisper edge that can not be achieved when applying leaf to a canvas. The moon would also catch the light in a different way if it was smooth, giving it a more homogenous effect and better for catching reflections.

Following this, I painted in the dress pattern 3 times so as to add depth to the leaf. This alters the way in which it catches the light, as now each element of the dress pattern stands proud of the main dress, and catches the light individually to the other parts of the pattern.

The buttons too, along her back are all individual dots of paint, covered in gold leaf.

To signify the folds in the dress material, I have used copper leaf. This now shows a darker undertone to the material, and gives depth and also encourages the viewer to feel the weight of the dress, as she walks along the wet sand.

The clouds either side of the enlarged moon, are in silver leaf , as are the reflections of the moonlight on the sea and in the surf.

The images I have uploaded really do not do this stunning artwork justice, as it catches any amount of light, no matter how small, and reflects it beautifully off the metallic leaf surface.

The amount of light changes the colour of the gold leaf.

I have attempted to display this by taking a number of images in different positions and different light levels.

The gold, silver and copper combine beautifully on the piece to give a shimmering depth to the piece, which will grace any living space.

To show part of the process, I have added a progress image which shows the red underpainting where the metallic leaf will sit, which gives the finished result more depth to the colour.

This piece is painted in oils and acrylics on a 50cm x 70cm (approx 20" x 28"), wooden board, with painted sides, so no need to add a frame, but of course if you wanted to you still can.

PLUS the piece is already strung on the back, so you just need to decide where you would like to hang this stunning artwork, to grace your home.

Each piece is shipped with a signed certificate of authenticity, and valuation certificate.

If import duties are charged, these would be the responsibility of the buyer, as unfortunately I have no control over this aspect


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