Tangled Up In Blue

by Sterling Lee Fine Art


A ballerina in a shimmering blue gown propels herself upward, leaving a swirling blue vapor trail in her wake.

This piece really comes alive in the right light, or any light for that matter.

All of the dress and the swirling blue elements dropping from her hands are blue metallic leaf, which shimmer and glimmer, resonating like electricity, in any amount of light.

This truly is a stunning piece of artwork.

Created with an acrylic background, oil flesh tones, and blue metallic leaf this mixed media piece of artwork is stunningly beautiful and would command any wall space as a statement piece of artwork.

A floating frame would certainly enhance this piece.

My process for these metallic leaf pieces, is for me to lay the base layer of acrylic paint onto the canvas, which dries quickly, and then apply the metallic leaf colours, and finishing with the Oils on the flesh tones and hair, which is my preferred medium for these aspects of the piece.

I have included a number of similar images to show how the piece captures the light, as the metallic leaf catches any amount of light from all directions.

This piece is painted on a 50cm x 70cm (approx 20" x 28"), stretched box canvas.

PLUS the piece is already strung on the back, so you just need to decide where you would like to hang this stunning artwork, to grace your home.

Each piece is shipped with a signed certificate of authenticity, and valuation certificate.

If import duties are charged, these would be the responsibility of the buyer, as unfortunately I have no control over this aspect


All pieces are packaged is purpose built cardboard freight boxes

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