Parisienne Morning

by Sterling Lee Fine Art


I gaze longingly over the Eifel tower, such a charismatic distinctive landmark of the beautiful romantic city.

My apartment perch permits me such a wonderful vantage point whilst I wait for you to wake from your slumber, your shirt retains my modestly, as I take my time to study to coming and going of the city dwellers floors below us.

I can still smell your aftershave from your shirt, and it reminds me of our wonderful time last night.

The piece is 40cm x 40cm, (approx 16" x 16") and painted in oils on a stretched box canvas, so no need to add the cost of a frame.

The sides of the piece are painted to match the rest of the piece, which gives it an added 3D effect. 

PLUS the piece is already strung on the back, so you just need to decide where you would like to hang this stunning artwork, to grace your home.

Each piece is shipped with a signed certificate of authenticity, and valuation certificate.

If import duties are charged, these would be the responsibility of the buyer, as unfortunately I have no control over this aspect.



All pieces are packaged is purpose built cardboard freight boxes

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