Artists Statement

I am a mixed media artist creating female figurative art in oils, acrylics, graphite and metallic leaf, including gold, silver and copper.

My work depicts the femininity, beauty, grace, elegance, power, strength, confidence, sensuality and delicacy of the female form.

In addition, my art frequently depicts movement and drama encapsulated in a still image.

Its is joyous and bright in its nature and captures the essence of femininity in a subtle manner, without the need for full nudity for the sake of it.

Less is definitely more.

The combinations of the media I use, affords me an originality rarely found within my chosen genre.

The coalescence of loose brushwork and blended skin tones in each piece, portrays an honesty and romance, beautifully expressed within my work.

I strive to represent beauty and elegance, and if the viewer finds this in my work, then I have achieved that which I set out to do.