If you would like to commission me to produce a unique piece of art especially for you or a loved one, I would be happy to do this for you, and this is how it would work.

1. Your initial email will let me know what you have in mind, composition, colours, background, size, etc and I will quote you a price within 24 hours. The price will include all of the work for the piece, materials and shipping. Once I quote you the price of the finished artwork, that's it, it will not increase.

2. We agree the final cost of the piece, and you send me the image or images that you would like to have painted. I will then confirm all of this in an email, with an estimated completion time for the piece.

3. I will invoice you for a 30% deposit, so that I can order materials and once I have received the deposit, I will order the canvas. I use Italian manufactured box canvas, which usually take a week to be delivered, if the size is in stock, but I will try to confirm this for you at the quoting stage. As I will have purchased materials for your artwork, the 30% deposit is none refundable.

4. Once the canvas arrives, I will begin work on the piece and send you photographic updates via email or WhatsApp, whichever you prefer.

5. When the artwork is complete I will send you an image and a video of the artwork for you to approve.

6. If you approve the artwork, I will then leave the artwork to fully dry for at least 1 week, (this can take longer depending on which colours have been used, i.e. red usually takes longer to dry) and then it will be varnished with two coats of Artists Gloss Varnish. This dries in around 2 days after application.

7. If the artwork is not approved and you wish me to make some alterations, then we will go through the alterations / modifications, and I will get back in touch with you for approval once completed. So basically we will repeat step #6.

8. Once the artwork is approved I will send you the invoice for the remainder of the cost, which I will require to be paid for in full, and it will then be packed for collection and I will arrange carriage. The piece will be shipped with a signed certificate of authenticity, and a valuation document.

9. If you are within a 50 miles radius (or so) of my studio I will happily deliver the piece by hand and hang it for you. If you are outside of that area, but still want the piece delivered by hand, then we can come to an arrangement, there are no hard and fast rules to this, I just have to draw the line somewhere, so to speak.

Please note that it is my desire for you, the customer, to be fully satisfied with the piece of artwork that I paint for you. If the piece isn't right then its not right, and I will rework it so as you are happy with the finished result, it's basically in my interest for the artwork to be right and for you to be happy with it. As there is always more work involved in a commission, then my prices are higher for these than a similarly sized original piece listed on my website. 

Please also keep in mind, that whilst I try to act as professionally and accurately as possible, any images or videos that I send you during the process of creation, and for approval, may look slightly different to the actual finished piece once you have it hanging in your home. This is due to the lighting in my studio, the technology I use to convey the image and the technology you use to review the images, we can only work with what we have.