Why Buy From Sterling Lee Fine Art

So, why should you buy art from Sterling Lee Fine Art?

Original hand crafted art is an amazing thing, it's something all passionate individuals want in their lives. My artwork is all original, aesthetically pleasing, can start a conversation, can transport the viewer to a happy memory or to a dream destination, and put you into a more positive mood.

Would you rather have a piece of bland high street "art" hanging on your wall, the same piece as half the homes in your area, just to match the cushions and curtains, don't even answer the question, you know you wouldn't, you value your individuality far greater than that.

My clients purchase my artwork based on their emotional response to it. The fact that they have an emotive response and sense a strong connection with an individual piece of my work, is a perfect reason to purchase it.

My art speaks to them, and is a visual expression of what they find meaningful, beautiful or exciting.

Each piece of art I create has a positive effect on its surrounding environment. It will brighten and transform any setting, by giving it character, narrative and warmth to a room. The visual enjoyment of a room full of artful beauty, is uplifting, which makes life more pleasurable, engaging and enriching.

Although my art evokes a very personal reaction to each individual that interreacts with it, people also purchase it for gifting to loved ones. Be it a festive time, or a very special occasion, a piece of hand crafted original art makes for a unique, thoughtful and innovative gift, one that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Think about it, any which way you look at it, art is good for you!

It's no wonder people buy my original hand crafted art for both themselves and their loved ones.

Are you ready to explore the world of Sterling Lee Fine Art and introduce it into your life?

Browse through my beautiful pieces of artwork to get started now…

Every piece of my artwork is a lovingly created, unique, individual piece of art, all handmade and created by myself.

All of my art is generated through emotion, I have a personal emotive connection to the creation of each piece, from the initial composition of the image, priming of the canvas, through to the pencil drawn outline, the initial colour tones, and on through to the establishment of the finer details, and the last brush strokes, all combine in emotive individuality and the conveying of subtle beauty.

The creation of every piece gives me a rush of positive energy when I finish it, nothing else I do comes close to the feeling, its an addiction.

Each finished piece is given its own unique stock number, and is titled, dated and signed on the back frame of the canvas, and each canvas is strung and ready to hang as soon as you receive it.

I paint on boxed canvas’s and the sides are painted to continue the piece around the whole of the canvas frame, adding more depth to the piece.

All pieces are painted with quality professional oils and acrylics and varnished when fully dry to maintain a long lasting finish, and protection from the sun, so can be hung in direct sunlight without fear of damaging your investment.

All pieces are shipped with a signed and stamped certificate of authenticity, and an insurance valuation should they ever be damaged.

Plus, if you are close enough to me in the UK, I will happily deliver the piece by hand for a more caring and personal service, at a small cost to cover my travel expenses.

In fact, if you see a piece of my work that you really like, but are not quite sure about it for some reason, and you live in mainland UK, I will deliver it to you after purchase, for a small fee to cover my transport costs, and we can hang it wherever you wish, and, if you are still unsure, I will provide a full refund of the purchase price, no quibble, no worries.

If you live outside mainland UK, I will have the piece carefully wrapped and delivered to you by an international carrier. This service is at an additional cost unfortunately, and I will charge you at cost, as I am not in the shipping business myself. 

You will also be responsible for any import duties.

Once you purchase a piece from my website, I will email you and to thank you, and establish contact, and I will then quote you for the shipping.

The piece will then be packed, and collected for delivery once the shipping cost have been paid to me.

I want all of my customers to experience a fully professional service from an artist that they admire, and will hopefully purchase from again, or recommended to others.

Why should you not receive top customer care and service from me as an artist, you would expect it from anything else that you purchase, so why not my art?

My 5-star reviews are very important to me, as the only influence I have on them is the complete quality, dedication and professionalism that I bring to all of my works, from creation to packing, shipping and communication.

So, there you go, that's me and my passion in words. I hope it gives you some confidence to purchase from me, and have a part of my work and passion in your life.

Please note, that whilst I make every effort to be accurate, the in room images are not to scale.